Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the life i live....

Before you read this, I should caution you: you may or may not get offended by my personal opinions. And as for my DISCLAIMER: my views and feelings do not express that of Healing Place Church's and keep in mind Im not pointing my finger at anyone in particular.


Sooo yeahhh, so its been forver since my last blog because Ive been so consumed with church, school, work, and not to mention Gustav...that dreadful mexican hurricane. (i heart mexico so no offense) But since I started working at my job Ive really been opened up to the harsh realities of life and Ive started to notice just how stuck up the christian world can become.

"I love your Christ, but not your christians. Your christians are nothing like your Christ" -Ghandi

Thats right I busted the Ghandi quote soo sue me. or just get over it. I love this quote because it is soo true. Im a chashier at my uncle's gas station. Ive become friends with soo many different types of ppl. There's a 17 year old with a 2yr old little girl. 3 college boys who love to party and wear eyebrown piercings, lip rings, and tatoos, a black lady who never stops talking, a hippie, and not to mention some of our usual customers, the tatooed truck man whos as big as the rock (dwayne johnson), the alcoholic who comes in everyday, the old man and his girlfirend, the hooker, the Jamacian who sings sex songs, the mailmen who wear the tight short shirts, and the teen from school who finds someone to buy his cigarettes for him everyday. You think Im exaggerating?? Im not. Its all true and this job has become a decent part of my life now. One thing all these people have in common...their not christians. another thing. they know I am. But it doesnt matter because Ive realized that before this job there is a good chance I would have never given any of these people the time of day. Out of fear, or maybe in the back of my head I really did think I was better because I knew the truth and they didnt. But then God humbled me. And ive realized that he loves these people just as much as he loves Joyce Meyers or any great spiritual leaders. He loves them like he loves me. They are in fact people. Maybe many of you think I should be shoving my beliefs down their throats....WHITNESS TO THEM...but im thinking differently. My ministry is this: representing God by loving people. I never want to judge anyone because fact is. crhistian or not...none of us are perfect and theres a reason. I love these faces I see at work everyday, and I love them no matter what theyve done, what they're doing, or what they look like. God hung out with the robbers and the thiefs because he knew he would never reach anyone by staying in the little christian bubble soo many of us have placed ourselves in. I pray that these people see the difference in me and they hear me when I talk about God and speak of my church. Ive already had people ask me questions and I see that as opportunities. Here is the wisdom of a 16 year old girl who learning more each day...treat everyone the same. Love people. Goth, punk, prep, remember there just like you in soo many ways and youll never realize just how many unheard stories are out there if you dont take the time to give someone else your time. Dont turn your nose up at anyone. Bcause your not better than them no matter what. Money, appearance, whatever. It doesnt matter. God loves us all and his eyes theres something great about all of us. so reach out. Youd be surpised at the people you can befriend just by breaking down the barriers and getting over yourself. Stay strong. Have wisdom and courage. and please, think about this. Are you a stuck up christian? or do you have love for everyone? Do you agree with the Ghandi quote? And if so, what are you gonna do to change it? They say the number one reason people are turned away from God is because of the church. Let us not keep it that way. I was with some of my "christian" friends the other day and they saw a girl dressed a certain way and suddenly they started making all sorts of assumptions about the girl being a druggie, or doing bad stuff on the weekened and I couldnt help but get a little irritated, they had never even met the girl, and when I looked at her I could honestly find nothing wrong with the way she was dressed. Red skinnies, ghetto hat, she had her own style. Idkk. I just feel like God is opening my eyes to a world I never noticed before because I was too consumed with my "christian" bubble lifestyle to see it. And it truly is amazing all that hes doing in my life.

Thanks for reading.

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Friday, July 18, 2008


OKAYY, soo i soo badly wanted to just sit here and blog. BUt my computer is down and im using someone else's just to let yall know...we're in the midst of moving and yada yada so I wont be blogging for a few weeks but bare with me!

and the kids I call friends from saturate are leaving in a few days for Africa. Soo all you Prayer Warriors out there...Pray protection over them and that they fulfill God's purposes while down in Swaziland. And that not only to they change Africa but they bring something back that changes Baton Rouge for Christ =]] Please and Thank you!

Gahh, Jesus is soo amazing. He's just messed up my life and I have just changed so much over the summer. All for the better. kjdshgkdjshgsjdhg. I cant explain the things he's done in my life. I just want to serve him.

Aside from that, in a few weeks...Im heading to Jacksonville, Florida to audition for American Idol just for the heck of it. Yepp, no lie. So pray for me. Hopefully, while Im down there I can check out Celebration Church =] love those guys!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Many nights i woke in tears,
experiencing feelings wose than fear
i sobbed, i cried, for reasons untolld
this repeated act was getting old
i always seemed filled with glee
but my inside feelings no one would ever see
i always laughed and put on a good smile
to try and cover the real way i felt every once in awhile
when i was surrounded by friends and having a good day
the pain seemed to disapear, to go away
but once i was all alone without a good thought to think
the painful feelings would show up at my doorsteps,
before i could blink
there i would stay, and sit and weep
i had to put a stop to this selfpity in which i did not want to keep
i seemed to be trapped inside my own self
until the fateful day i saw a bible on my shelf
while still wiping tears from my eyes,
i reached for that book,
my new guide
i started to read it as i flipped through each page
no longer feeling sadness or a depressing rage
i had finally escaped satins sinful ways
no longer trapped in a mind rattling maze
my heart now no longer mourns,
for those thoughts are now the least of my cares
jesus christ has helped sew the tears
many nights i now lay awake
with joyful feelings no one can take
i now think of much more
for my heart is now no longer sore
i think of the world's many wonders
things such as this are what i now ponder
i think of the future and what it may hold
of the many mysteries ready to unfold
i dream dreams bigger than me
making these dreams real is the key
i also think of how thankful i should be
for the life he has given me
as i once thought, people must pity me
i now think they must envy me
for all that i have, they must truly see
for i have a savior and hes living in me

Monday, June 30, 2008


This is a picture of me and some of my crazy best friends having a random bonfire at kenny's house. Fire, smores, hot dogs, and fireworks being thrown at one another while on fire, yess, it happened.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Its just been on my mind....

OKAYYY, sooo Im usually the type of girl who is constantly on the go and rarely do I ever see my house for more than a couple of days. Basically, I stay busy. However, these past few days Ive been in bed, home alone, and sick. Thats right...nothing but me, food, and payper view. The worst combination ever to be mushed together. And here is why, because believe it or not I am what you would call.....a hopeless romantic. Am I boy crazy? NO. Am I a huge Girly Girl who just loves Matthew Mcaughnahay or even a little Brad Pitt? Again Ill say, NO. But I am a romantic. Ask me in a room full of crowded people, and theres a good chance Ill deny it. But facts or facts. And I just love a good chick flick. Which brings me back to why me being alone in my house with Pay Per View and the freedom to choose between thirty something good chick flicks which ive already watched a good bit of, is just simply not good. Because then Ill get in that ice cream eating, sappy yell at the screen, dont kiss that girl mood. (REMINDER: i have nothing better to do cuz I am sick and highly contagous.) I rarely allow myself to fall into this phase but when I do, its just not pretty. And then of course, when I started watching camp rock today and Joe Jonas began singing that love song to Demi Lovato, I began thinking...WHy God WHY!? When do I get that!?! Anyone else feel me on this?? hopefully, in a less dramtic way of course?!? Im sure there are others out there...or at least I hope there is...that just cant wait to find that certain someone that are simply a perfect fit for you. The someone who will make you laugh, allow you to be yourself, towards you will no longer have to watch the movies and wish it was you. Soo to all the romantics out there, Guys and Girls of all ages, here are some words of encouragement, That Someone is out there, the someone God handpicked for you, and the special somebody is waiting for you just like your waiting for them. SOo just hang in there, dont settle, youll have them sooner than you think. And when you do, It will be SOO worth the wait. Amy Phillips, a good friend of mine, once told me a quote I rather liked by Christine Caine and it was, "Seek God. Run towards him, and one day youll look over and happen to see someone running in the same direction...and youll wave. and theyll wave back. and then youll smile, theyll smile. ANd suddenly youll collide with that person and both start heading for God together." Sooo yess, just hang in there all you single people out there and in keep in mind that even though your future love story may not include Julia Roberts, Cameron diez, Richard Gere, or even Brad Pitt...It will happen. It will. And when it does, It will be real, passionate, and on fire for God. And youll finally have the someone whos waiting for you =]] well, Im outt.... Benadryll awaits. as does a nice nap.

peace out fellow bloggers.

and your thoughts on this would be lovely =] hope this made ya smile.

Submerge 2008

was absolutely amazing.

It was pretty awesome, the first service, as soon as the music started, I started bawling. And for those who know me, crying is not something that comes easily too me. But Idkk, before camp lately I just had felt soo lost and clueless as to who I was and the minute I stepped into that sanctuary and the moment God's prescence dropped. Its like I was home. I once again found what I was looking for in Christ, as always. Then the next two services...i seemed to be holding back a bit. Until the last service I stood in the back of the room really thinking about Tweez's messages about telling someone of your secrets, the ones that cause you pain and burdens in everyday life. I kept battling this. Telling myself not to tell anyone, but I knew that wasnt of God. SOoo i finally had a breakthrough, I found an amazing leader (shannon) and I told her some things I had never told anyone. Things that have just held back for soo long. And she prayed over me and I felt God speaking to me, through her. And suddenly, I was free. God took the heaviness of these secrets and bottled up feelings and he just lifted them off me. It was like he told me, "Ill carry this for you. Seek me, and dont worry about anything else" It was soo mindblowing. And even though these last few days Ive been in bed sick and sore with strep and fever. I still couldnt be happier =] Camp was unforgetable. And the minute I left that place, I wanted to go back soo badly. I miss everyone already.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Free H20...

fa shO!!! yeahhh soo after saturate on thursday....me, johnny, angelle, lacie, kenny, paul, caleb, trevin, scott, emily, rachel, morgan, thomas, austin, branden, and whole bunch of other amazing people went and did a water outreach which was awesome. God is amazing =]

and then afterwards a few of us went to M@cs ropeswing to chill out and escape the heat. Alot of interesting things happened there. Thomas made a ball of mudclay that was the size of a basketball, Caleb was in a tree for and hour or so, and me and Angelle had an interesting talk which was rudely interrupted a couple of times by dem pesky boys. haha. anywhoos, heres a pic from the outreach. One of us looking at a honking truck and the other of the boys riding in my car ad being horrible backseat drivers!!! geez. well, peace out and God bless Bloggers!! love you all.